Everything You Need to Know About a Network Management

Network monitoring is a fundamental part of any networked business. Specific software or apps manage and monitor traffic flow to ensure smooth processions of workflow between stations. Although there are home based networking monitoring apps, these apps are mostly in use by network administrators who need to monitor the operations of an office network setup.
In today’s digitized society, networking monitoring is a thread that holds businesses across the world. These apps analyze the network’s software, detect malignant issues and monitor progressive operations. Simple delays such as late emails could derail sales and lead to non-retention of clients. If the system fails to communicate with the DHCP, the devices will fail to make a connection to the World Wide Web. A mismanagement of bandwidth will also affect how users connect to the internet and the types of websites they can access.

What are the responsibilities of a network management software?

• Monitor the response time
• Check availability of devices
• Calculate and manage the network’s uptime
• Unusual network activity
• Provide information such as IP addresses and active devices

How does one choose a network management software?

The first step is to determine what the organization needs, such as extra protection and timely message deliveries. Plenty of organizations seeking additional and keen security lack the funds to hire qualified security personnel. Such organizations would need a software that provides automated screen alerts in case of a breach. There are a few fundamental key points that direct an administrator to choosing an expedient network management app.
• A user-friendly User Interface – A good UI should be easy to customize according to priority and
• Easy report procession – A software that produces graphic reports is produce multiple export format reports is a plus.
• Pricing – A highly priced device will most likely offer increased functionality. The price should however not deter the administrator from selecting a cheaper app that fits the stipulated budget and meets the required standards.

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Top three networking monitoring apps in 2018

• LogicMonitor
This independent operating app does not require an agent for installation. The developers provide full time online support and technical advice. The window has a graphical window interface with multiple customization options. It is an excellent choice for businesses with heavy and wide networks. The report procession does not require an administrator to configure complex instructions. The average pricing range of the software is $400 on the developers’ website, making it an affordable yet proficient tool for big companies.
• Paessler PRTG
This app summarizes performance in a hierarchical format highlighting alerts and data of each device at every level of a system. The app processes QR codes for each device which can then be attached to the physical device in print form and used to monitor the network via a mobile phone. Paessler PRTG is versatile in regard to the volume of network it can handle, hence it is suitable for both large and small firms.
• Datedog
This $15 app is easily dismissible due to its value. It however includes 200 integrations, APIs and customizable alerts. The dashboard has highly aesthetic graphics that ease functionality for an office or home set up.